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Audio Books

Audio books or talking books, mainly in Bengali, produced by Blind Persons’ Association are listed here. Contact our library for audio books collected from other source. Any print-disabled person in India may use our audio books under S52 (1) (zb) of the Copyright Act of India, 1957 (amended in 2012).

List of Audio Books in Bengali


Abul BasharFul Bou
Adwaita MallabarmanTitas Ekti Nadir Nam
Anna Louise StrongDuranta Nadi Bengali Translation by Bishnu Mukhopadhyay
Ashapoorna DebiPratham Pratishruti
Ashapoorna DebiSubarnalata
Bani BasuGandharbi
DristihinGarha Bhanga
Humayun AhmedBahubrihi
Humayun AhmedNil Manush
Maksim GorkyMa - Bengali Translation by Pushpamayee Basu
Manik BandyopadhyayPadmanadir Majhi
Moti NandiBijalibalar Mukti
Prafulla RoyKeya Patar Nouko
Premankur AtarthiMahasthabir Jatak
Rabindranath TagoreGora
Ramapada ChoudhuryBanpalashir Padabali
Samaresh MajumdarShraddhanjali
Satinath BhaduriJagari
Sayantani PutatundaNandini
Sharat Chandra ChattopadhyayDenapaona
Sharat Chandra ChattopadhyayNiskriti
Shirshendu MukhopadhyayManabJamin
Sunil GangopadhyayRakta Ar Kanna
TaraShankar BandyopadhyayHansulibanker Upakatha
Various AuthorsBishwer Shrestha Galpa

Historical Novel

Bani BasuMaitreya Jatak
Mahasweta DebiAranyer Adhikar
Narayan GangopadhyayPadasanchar
Ramesh Chandra DuttaMadhabi Kankan
Sharadindu BandyopadhyayGour Mallar
Sharadindu BandyopadhyayKumarsambhaber Kabi
Sunil GangopadhyayPratham Aalo

Short Story

Syed Mujtaba AliChacha Kahini
Various AuthorsBangla Chhoto Galpa
Various AuthorsBangla Chhoto Galpa, Volume II
Various AuthorsBangla Chhoto Galpa, Volume III
Various AuthorsBPA’s Podcasts – Volume I
Various AuthorsBPA’s Podcasts – Volume II
Various AuthorsBPA’s Podcasts – Volume III
Various AuthorsBPA’s Podcasts – Volume IV
Various AuthorsBPA’s Podcasts – Volume V
Various AuthorsBPA’s Podcasts – Volume VI
Various AuthorsGalpaSankalan, Volume I
Various AuthorsGalpaSankalan, Volume II
Various AuthorsSampratik Chhoto Galpa
Various AuthorsSampratik Chhoto Galpa – Volume II
Various AuthorsSharadiya Galpa Sankalan 1420


AbadhootMarutirtha Hinglaj
Syed Mujtaba AliDeshé Bideshé

Books for the Young

Abanindranath TagoreKhirer Putul
Bibhutibhushan BandyopadhyayChander Pahar
Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya (Ed.)Janbar Katha I-IV
Hemendra Kumar RoyJakher Dhan
Sanjib ChattopadhyayJanardaner Jardar Kouto
Various AuthorsChhotoder Galpa
Vladimir BogomolovNam Chhilo Tar Ivan Bengali Translation by Arun Som

Biography and Autobiography

Ashish LahiriDwishatabarshe Radhanath Sikdar
Naresh Chandra DebHelen Keller
Sunanda SikdarDayamayeer Katha
Sunanda SikdarDayamayeer Gharé Fera
Swapan MukhopadhyayLouis Braille
Ted Allen and Sydney GordonMahachiner Pathik Bengali Translation by Kalyan Choudhury
Vikram SampathAmar Nam Gauhar Jaan Bengali Translation by Payel Sengupta

Literary Studies

Atul Chandra GuptaKabyaJijnasa
Dr. Debesh Kumar AcharyaBiharilaler Saradamangal, Kabi O Kabya
Shyamapada ChakrabortyAlankar Chandrika

Drama (Read by a single reader)

Madhusudan DuttaBurho Shaliker Ghare Ron
Madhusudan DuttaKrishnakumari
Sachindranath SenguptaGairik Pataka
Yogesh Chandra ChoudhurySita

List of Audio Books in English

R. S. ChauhanTriumph of the Spirit
MINISTRY OF LAW AND JUSTICE (Legislative Department) Govt. of IndiaThe Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 (in Daisy with synthetic voice)
MINISTRY OF SOCIAL JUSTICE AND EMPOWERMENT [Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan)], Govt. of IndiaThe Rights of Persons with Disabilities Rules, 2017 (in Daisy with synthetic voice)

List updated on December 5, 2017.

These books are recorded in the form of audio books or talking books for people with bona fide print disability by Blind Persons’ Association, Kolkata in conformity with Section 52(1)(zb) of the Copyright Act of India, 1957, as amended in 2012. Any further reproduction, distribution to any person without a print disability, or any commercial use of these books is strictly prohibited and considered as an infringement of the copyright restrictions.

How to Collect Audio Books

Members and any print-disabled reader can collect audio books from us at distribution cost of Rs. 50 per CD. For postal delivery you have to pay Rs. 20 for every two CDs or DVDs for shipping and handling. Non-members have to submit an authenticated proof of print-disability. It may be collected by a reader free on his flash drive.

A print-disabled reader means a person who is unable to read a book on account of lack of vision or loco motor disability of hand or fingers. Any institution or organisation working for the blind can collect these audio books for their print-disabled beneficiaries. Senior citizens with print disability may collect these audio books.

Free Download of Audio Books

We have posted here some of our audio books for free download. We are sorry that we cannot upload most of them due to copyright restrictions.

Free Download of Bengali Stories

The organisation has started a podcast site with some of its Bengali stories recorded for its library of audio books. You can listen to or download these stories at http://bpaindia.podbean.com/. You can enjoy listening to these stories. You can also enter your comments on this web site.

At least a new story is podcast every month. We regret that we have to remove some podcasts from time to time (starting from the earliest) for paucity of space. So please download and save the erlier podcasts. You can listen to or download any of these stories from this site. We have uploaded the earlier stories on to Google Drive which, we hope, you will be able to play or download.

India Today for Members

Members of Blind Persons’ Association may subscribe audio or daisy version of India Today, the renowned weekly magazine, absolutely free of cost. It is available in English and hindi. Daisy Forum of India has reached an agreement with the publisher of the magazine to distribute it in accessible format among its affiliated members. This orgnisation, being an affiliate, distributes the audio contents of the magazine among its members.

A link to a public server is sent by email to the members for download. As the organisation wants to extend the new facility, willing members may write to us for joining the list of recipients. Remember that only visually impaired persons above the age of 14 can become our members. Visit our page on Contact Information for details.

For details on the concept of Daisy books, visit the official site of international Daisy consortium at www.daisy.org