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We are going to start Shrutikalpa, an online audio magazine in Bengali very soon. To be webcast twice a year, it will contain literary features like stories and poems, and articles on current problems. Anybody, sightless or sighted, may contribute to the magazine. Although it will be an audio magazine, we shall accept materials in typed or clearly-handwritten script, in Braille, or in recorded form. Materials, however, must not contain anything outrageous that may provoke political controversy or hurt religious sentiment. Contents will be selected by an editorial board whose decision will be final.

You may send your stories, poems or essays as email attachment to shrutikalpa@gmail.com or by post to
Blind Persons’ Association
6B Panchanantala Road, 2nd Floor
Kolkata – 700029

If you send an audio recording, make sure that it is less than 25 mb in size. Please keep a copy of your writing. Materials will not be returned.

It will not be an official organ of Blind Persons’ Association. Our objective is to build up a platform that will provide scope for creative writing. This is going to be absolutely free. Only the cost of the media will be charged in case a listener wants to collect in CD.

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