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Let Us See the Light of Knowledge

Knowledge alone can compensate for the loss of sight. Blind Persons’ Association has tried to spread this message among the sightless people. Without knowledge a sightless person cannot contribute to the progress of the society and attain true social recognition. If we want social recognition, education is the only way we can achieve it.

When Professor late Nagendranath Sengupta started this organisation with a few sightless youths in 1946, their goal was setting up a common platform for exchanging their views. The members of the organisation realised in the sixties that the main problem of the sightless people lies in the lack of identity in the society. Their quest for identity can never be fulfilled unless the sightless share social responsibility with their fellow-brothers. They urged upon the members to plunge themselves into social activities. At the same time, the organisation took upon itself the task of promoting education among the sightless solely relying on patronage of the common people.

Blind Schools

We have so far set up three blind schools in different districts of West Bengal. We provide education with special emphasis on learning Braille system so that the students may read and write independently. We also help them after school if they pursue higher education.

Braille Press

The Braille press project at Lal Bihari shah Braille Academia produces Braille books in Bengali and English and provides them at INR 10 per Braille volume to individuals. Institutions and organisations may collect these books at paper cost. We supply these books throughout India using the free postal service. All Braille readers will find something to his taste in our catalogue.