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Bengali Stories on YouTube

Bengali Stories on YouTube

We started a literary audio magazine, Shrutikalpa, with emphasis on Bengali stories on the Bengali new year’s day of 1424. We initially launched Shrutikalpa on our official site. But on request from our friends we had to start a YouTube edition of Shrutikalpa.

While exploring the YouTube, we discovered the treasures scattered here and there all over YouTube. There are a quite a few channels which have some good audio books in Bengali. Some of them have stopped uploading fresh stories, but you know, nothing is lost on the internet. So the stories are there all the same. We found some channels which upload stories very regularly, in some cases daily, too.

Reading is not always of the best quality. But most of them are very good. Some of these channels pay little attention to editing. Anyway, thanks to the channel-owners, we, the sightless listeners, have the opportunity to listen to these Bengali stories.

Mirchi Bangla with thousands of subscribers at the time of writing this post tops the list. It is a good sign that others are coming up with more and more Bengali audio stories on YouTube. Most of these channels are owned and managed by individuals. However, the YouTube world is dominated by Satyajit Ray and Humayun Ahmed. Especially channels webcast from Bangladesh mainly record Humayun Ahmed’s stories. Popularity of Himu and Misir Ali on both sides of the border must be the reason. Another reason may be the short length of Humayun Ahmed’s novels. There are some stories by Muhammed Zafar Iqbal, Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay, Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay and Sunil Gangopadhyay.

Another noticeable trend is the inclination of these channels towards stories for teenagers. Let us hope, we shall soon hear classical Bengali novels on YouTube.

We have enlisted here some of YouTube channels uploading Bengali stories. This list is not exhaustive. We shall update this list when we find some good channel. You may also send us links of similar channels and we shall include them. Also do not forget to report a missing link.

YouTube Channels of Bengali sttories

  1. পকথন by কল্লোল
  2. বাংলা শ্রুতি গল্প Bengali Audio Story
  3. GOLPER JHULI Bengali Audio Story
  4. Soumen Ghosh
  6. My AudioBook
  7. I am a Book Reader
  8. Umapotir Asor
  9. Audio Book Bangla
  10. Mridul the storyteller
  11. Fahima Surjo
  12. Golpo Kothok
  13. Creative Warrior
  14. 221bBookStreet
  15. গল্পের ঠেক – Golper Thek
  16. the Golpojot by Tuhin
  17. AudioBook
  18. Golpo o Kobitar Sur
  19. Audio Book
  20. Eso Golpo Kori
  21. Radio ASR
  22. Line by Line

List updated on April 12, 2019

If you know of any YouTube channel presenting Bengali audio stories, please let us know. Do not forget to visit our podcast site BPA’s Bengali Audio Stories for a new story every month. We have been presenting audio stories for people of all ages since 2011. Some YouTube channels are uploading our audio stories from this site without caring in the least for permission. The most unfair part of these channels is that they have edited the audio files to delete the name of Blind Persons’ Association. In some instances they have deleted the name of the reader, title and author of the book.

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