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How to Read and Write in Braille

You can learn Braille in just ten minutes from our Braille chart. It is quite easy and logical. What you need is to follow a pattern. The rest is simple and it depends on practice.

Braille is the name of the system of tactile reading and writing used by the sightless people all over the world. The basic idea is arranging six tangible dots in two vertical columns. Each column contains three dots each. These are numbered from one to six. These can be arranged in sixty-three variations, representing sixty-three characters and symbols. A sightless reader has to feel position of the dots by touch.

You have to spare some time to learn Braille. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can learn English and Bengali Braille from this Braille Chart here. A unique feature of Braille is that the same code or script is used in all languages. So a sightless person does not have to learn the script of a new language when he learns it. Can you imagine we are using almost the same code that Monsieur Louis Braille developed at the age of fifteen?

This chart contains standard English and Bengali Braille alphabet and punctuation marks. It also contains some common rules for Braille writing. Once this chart is memorised, you will only need a Braille writing apparatus. You can purchase an apparatus from your nearest blind school or an organisation working for them. For details you may contact us. Visit our Contact page for details.

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    1. Have you studied our Braille chart? first read it carefully. Contact your nearest blind school or NGO for the apparatus. You may need some hands-on demomnstration.

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