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Meghnadbadh Kabya in Braille

After Nazrul-Giti, Blind Persons’ Association is proud to announce the completion of Meghnadbadh Kabya by Michael Madhusudan Dutta (January 25, 1824 – June 29, 1873) in Braille. The most celebrated of his works, Meghnadbadh Kabya brought out in 1861, is a landmark in the history of Bengali literature with its rich repertory of Bengali blankverse. He is considered one of the pioneers of Bengali literature with his contribution to the development of blankverse, sonnet, and modern and satirical plays.

Meghnadbadh Kabya is a tragic epic written in the European style. Divided in nine cantos, it follows the renaissance tradition of challenging the myth. He questioned the justification of killing unarmed Meghan in the temple by Laksmana. Our reading of Milton’s Paradise Lost or Goethe’s Faust makes us sympathetic towards the rebel. Madhusudan’s sympathy was also with Meghnad, a break from the Hindu tradition.

Embossed in three volumes, this Braille edition will cost INR 174. Edited by Dr. Kshetra Gupta, this book contains footnotes that will help the university students. The Braille version is prepared from Madhusudan Rachanabali, revised edition of 1980. It was first published in 1965 by Sahitya Sangsad, Kolkata.

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