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Sangsar Simante by Premendra Mitra, Read by Shila Biswas

Premendra Mitra (September, 1904 – May 3, 1988) tried several trades for his livelihood. He worked as a sales representative as well as a professor. None of these could satisfy this man of a truant nature. But it furnished him with huge experience of human life, a wealth he spent in his later successful career as a poet, novelist, writer of short story and science fiction and film director. We remember him mostly as a creator of Ghanada, Mejo Karta and some thrilling films. His poems and stories were true representations of his time. Our short story for this month, Sangsar Simante by this author, presents two characters who live just on the margin with no past, a gloomy present and an uncertain future. They together plan to start their life afresh. Listen to the story to know what happens next.

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