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Sherlock Holmes in Braille Again, The Sign of Four

We are happy to present to our Braille readers the release of “The Sign of Four”, the second of the four Sherlock Holmes novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859 – 1930). You may have already read the first novel of the series, “A Study in Scarlet” which we embossed last year.

Though Holmes dominates over the story, it could also be the story of Jonathan Small. Jonathan, a truant Worcestershire boy, “never much of a credit to the family” joins the army and goes to India. There a crocodile nips off his right leg, rendering him invalid for army service. But Jonathan survives this ordeal. He joins three Indians in killing and looting a collection of jewels. All four men are tried and exiled to Andaman. This gang of four is duped by an army major, Sholto. Vengeance becomes Jonathan’s “overpowering, absorbing passion” and he risks his life once again in the seas. He succeeds in the man-hunt. Then comes Sherlock Holmes and Jonathan Small decides to “throw the treasure into the Thames rather than let it go to kith or kin of Sholto or Morstan.”

This Braille version is completed in two volumes and will cost INR 187. Students in India may get it for INR 20 only. Visit our Braille catalogue for details.

One thought on “Sherlock Holmes in Braille Again, The Sign of Four”

  1. A very good story. In this story Dr. Watson found his wife, Mary Morstan, and Sherlock Holmes explained why he did not marry: “I should never marry myself, lest I bias my judgement.” Perhaps Byomkesh is one of the very few detectives who has a family and appears familiar and social. Unfortunately, Conan Doyle found black devils and cannibals in India. He was after all a Sahib.

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