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Inauguration of Braillo 650 SW at Lal Bihari Shah Braille Academia

Inauguration of Braille Embosser

Blind Persons’ Association at a Cost of Rs. 1.34 Crore Blind Persons’ Association organised a cultural programme today (February 23, 2019) at 3 PM to inaugurate its new Braille press machine at its Braille printing facility at Lal Bihari Shah Braille Academia, Vidyapalli, Malancha-Mahinagar, Kolkata 700 145. The organisation has […]


Lal Bihari Shah

The following article was published in the souvenir on the occasion of the inauguration of Lal Bihari Shah Braille Academia, the Braille press and library project of Blind Persons’ Association on January 4, 2003. It often happens in history that the creator remains hidden under the overwhelming magnificence of his […]