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Banpalashir Padabali by Ramapada Choudhury in Audio

We find it a great pleasure to announce the recording of Banpalashir Padabali by Ramapada Choudhury (born on December 28, 1922) in the form of audio book. This novel has a multifaceted story centring round the return and departure of Girija Prasad. It presents the timeless stillness of the rural Bengal well into the middle of the twentieth century. Here birth is the only event for joy, death is the sole cause for grief, and marriage is the only dream. It has for its themes the family disputes between Girija Prasad and Girin, the generation conflict between Bangshi and Udas, life of Atta Maa, The story of Tiya and Mohanpurer Bou who, despite her frequent appearances and prominent role in the end, remains anonymous.

The novel was first published in June 1962. We have recorded it from the ninth reprint of April 1985 by Ananda Publishers. It is about thirteen hours long. Keep visiting our List of audio books for fresh additions.

2 thoughts on “Banpalashir Padabali by Ramapada Choudhury in Audio”

  1. I love to read or listen stories. Now due to work pressure, I do not get time to read, but manage time listen. Is it possible to purchase this book or other audio books online?
    I would appreciate your kind response.

    1. You may collect our audio books only if you have any form of print disability on account of blindness or some form of physical difficulty on account of age.

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