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Bertrand Russell’s Philosophy in Braille

The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell (May 18, 1872 – February 2, 1970) is published in Braille by Blind Persons’ Association. Though written more than hundred years earlier, in 1912 to be precise, this book is essential for students of philosophy. Even if you are not a student of philosophy, you may still enjoy this plain and simple discussion on some of philosophy’s fundamental questions. Spread over fifteen chapters, Bertrand Russell has discussed the validity of sources of knowledge and the existence of matter. At first, it may seem intimidating, but believe us, this book is really simple in its style and diction. Observe the witticism with which this great philosopher has explained what may happen if we too readily accept the uniformity of nature:

Domestic animals expect food when they see the person who usually feeds them. We know that all these rather crude expectations of uniformity are liable to be misleading. The man who has fed the chicken every day throughout its life at last wrings its neck instead, showing that more refined views as to the uniformity of nature would have been useful to the chicken.

No wonder the creator of such excellent prose, despite his several other profiles as mathematician, politician, activist and so on, won the Nobel Prize in 1950 for literature. We recommend this book for those who want to explore a little bit into the realm of philosophy. If you give it a try, you will enjoy this exploration with a witty and scholarly guide like Russell.

This Braille book is complete in two volumes and we charge just INR 185 at paper cost of institutions. Individuals may collect it for INR 20. You must know already that we charge INR 10 per Braille volume of students and individuals. Please visit our list of more than hundred Braille publications for details.

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