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Domer Chita by Ramesh Chandra Sen, Read by Supriya Majumdar


Our story for this month, Domer Chita by Ramesh Chandra Sen, is an archetypal story straight from the Kallol Age. Flourishing in the 1920s and 1930s, writers of Kallol Age succeeded in introducing a marked shift in Bengali literature. Influenced by Freud and Marx and disturbed by the deteriorating socioeconomic conditions of Bengal, this group of writers and poets presented a totally different picture of life, devoid of all colour taste and flavor. Nature of a waterlogged space contains only hyacinth, sparsely punctuated by red lilies. Trees are leafless and barren. Haru and Badan living in this backdrop earn their living by burning corpses. One of them dies of snake bite. The other ignites his pyre, and he cannot afford to waste this fire. So, he prepares his meal on it.

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