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Free Download of Audio Book – Madhabi Kankan by Ramesh Chandra Dutta

Madhabi Kankan is the story of a tripartite love written against a historical background. Narendra and Hemnalini love each other. But she is married to Shrish Chandra and Narendra has to leave his home and hearth. He joins the Mughal army as a mercenary and goes through a variety of experiences. Jelekha, a Tartar slave girl in the Mughal Harem, falls in love with Narendra and pursues him through the battles. Aurangzeb’s ascension to Delhiā€™s throne is used as a subplot of the novel. It gives the novel a time frame and a background. Otherwise Madhabi Kankan is more of a romantic novel than anything else.

Ramesh Chandra Dutta (13th August, 1848 – 30th November, 1909), an ICS officer under the British government, is better known for his “The Economic History” in which he dealt with the impoverished economic condition of India due to the British rule. He wrote on the miserable state of agriculture and frequent famines in India. He showed how high revenue rates destroyed Indian industries. In spite of his busy career his love for history and literature never waned and the result is this historical novel Madhabi Kankan.

This audio book is about 5 hours and 7 minutes long. Since this is copyright-free, we have uploaded it for free download for talking book listeners. As usual, it is available free on pen drive.

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