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Professor Tarun Sanyal Is No More

We were shocked to learn of the passing away of Professor Tarun Sanyal at the age of eighty-five early this morning from our friends. Professor Sanyal was known to us from the eighties. As a professor he was a close friend of his students. of our sightless members had the opportunity to study under his erudite guidance at Scottish Church College. Some were even more fortunate to stay under his protective care as a hostel superintendent. He particularly took care of the sightless students in the college. Many of them came in close contact with him and his family.

Professor Sanyal’s door was always open to us. When we started protest movement for securing different rights of the disable people, we always had his company among us. We know, he was a busy man, engaged in various social organisations and his literary works. Still we were never deprived of his vigorous support and companionship.

We feel the loss his family and friends have suffered. No words can really comfort his daughters and son. We can only say, we have also lost a parental figure whom we shall miss in our movements from now onwards.

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