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Garha Bhanga by Dristihin

We are proud to announce the recording of Garha Bhanga, a novel by Dristihin, one of the founder members of Blind Persons’ Association. The real person behind this pseudonym “Dristihin” (sightless) was Madhusudan Majumdar (June 24, 1921 – November 29, 1981). He was well-known for the parts he played in promoting Shuktara and Naba Kallol. He was the first Business Editor of Shuktara when Deb Sihitya Kutir started this children’s magazine shortly after independence. He shouldered a similar responsibility for Naba Kallol when the literary magazine started in 1960. Shri Majumdar lost his vision when he was merely eight years old. Though his schooling began in Calcutta Blind School at Behala, he completed his school education at Brahma Boys School at Jhamapukur. He graduated from Presidency College.

He enjoyed theatre. He had someone, mostly his daughter, as company with him in the theatre. He wrote theatre reviews in the Naba Kallol. He was a voracious reader and read a lot of contemporary writing. He was amiable and sweet-disposed with writers. This quality of his character made his task easy to manage a publishing house like Deb Sahitya Kutir. His father, Probodh Chandra, died in 1928, leaving him, his mother and sister. He was one of the first Vice-Presidents of Blind Persons’ Association and his name is mentioned as Business Editor of Shuktara.

Smarajit, the hero of our novel Garha Bhanga, is an idealist who is all set to marry Renu and leave for MRCP degree in England. Lie a bolt from the blue, his grandfather wants him to start a hospital in their ancestral village in an obscure corner of Howrah district. Renu breaks off, Smarajit’s mother disapproves; still he takes up the challenge. He starts a girls school and a hospital in the village with strong financial support from his grandfather. The trouble arises when one of his cousins joins the hospital and hatches up a clique with some men in the village. The novel ends on a melodramatic note when Smarajit goes out late at night to help the poor villagers suffering from epidemic.

Among other novels by this author are Mishti Chhoya, Juger Haoya, Anuradha, Jabanikar Antarale, Se Dake Amay, Mancha and MadhuGandhe Bhara. This novel was published by deb sahitya Kutit in 1989. This audio books is about 5 hours and 38 minutes long.

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