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Janbar Katha III by Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya

Recording of Janbar Katha III is now ready for distribution. This is the third book of the ten-book series. It covers the history of civilization from the Middle Age to the post World War II situation. Obviously, here we can learn of the most crucial events like the peasants’ rebellion, the glorious revolution and the industrial revolution in England, the French revolution and its aftermath, and the socialist revolution in Russia and East Europe. The book may seem too short for such a wide range of events and developments. But remember, this is the outline of an approach. This book will rouse curiosity which will lead the readers to actual history.

The audio version of Janbar Katha III is nearly 4 hours and 24 minutes long. Keep visiting our audio catalogue for its next issue, Janbar Katha IV, and other audio books.

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