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Janbar Katha V by Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya

Janbar Katha Book V is recorded and ready for visually challenged students and young friends. This is an extremely interesting and informative book, edited by Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya (19 November, 1918 – 8 May, 1993). This ten book series contains discussion on history, science, politics, art and philosophy. Though it has […]


Janbar Katha IV by Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya Ed.

We are happy to come up with the fourth book of the Janbar Katha series edited by the renowned philosopher, Shri Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya. Shri Chattopadhyaya concentrated on the history of civilization in the second and third book. The fourth and fifth books will focus on the development of science and […]


Janbar Katha III by Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya

Recording of Janbar Katha III is now ready for distribution. This is the third book of the ten-book series. It covers the history of civilization from the Middle Age to the post World War II situation. Obviously, here we can learn of the most crucial events like the peasants’ rebellion, […]


Janbar Katha II by Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya

Janbar Katha II is the second book of the ten-book series edited by Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya. We feel proud to record for our young readers such an important book. Although meant for the teenagers, this book will attract readers of all ages. This second volume is a book of history that […]


Janbar Katha I Edited by Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya

We are delighted to record for students and young friends an extremely informative book, Janbar Katha (I) by Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya (19 November, 1918 – 8 May, 1993). Shri Chattopadhyaya, a renowned teacher and philosopher, started the Janbar Katha series with some of his friends to present the history of the […]