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Janbar Katha VI by Debiprasad Chatopadhyaya, Bengali Audio Book

Janbar Katha VI edited by Debiprasad Chatopadhyaya in audio is now ready for our listeners. Though first published in 1954, this great book is as relevant today as it was in the ‘fifties. We have passed seventy-four years since its first release. The world has changed quite a bit in the meantime. We have advanced in every field. Still, the discussion in this book will enlighten us with its data and analysis.

This is particularly true about the sixth book (Janbar Katha VI)of this series. It brings home the economic and historical perspective of the imperialist exploitation of the world. There is an elaborate description of how the imperialist forces, British, American, French, Portuguese, Dutch and so on, have exploited the colonies in Asia, Africa and Latin America. When new colonies were no longer available to appease the hunger for profit of the imperialists, they thrust the world into the World War I in 1917 and World War II in 1939.

Direct colonial rule is no longer possible after the worldwide freedom movement in the twentieth century. Now imperialism has changed its character. Old colonies have become free, but they are not yet out of the clutches of American capitalism. Bank and multinational capital are reaping their profit as usual from these colonies. The author has not finished here. He has highlighted the peace movement against warfare in the old colonies with emphasis on their struggle for independence. The author was optimistic that the socialist movement in Russia would lead to emancipation of mankind.

A special feature of Janbar Katha VI is its presentation of data. The author has compiled economic statistics of various countries, from USA to Nigeria, to establish his analysis. Though these data may not be followed by a listener, we have to accept this limitation of an audio book. Though this book is out of print, you may find a copy in any good public library.

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Book Information

Book Title Janbar Katha VI
Editor Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya
Language Bengali
Publisher National Book Agency, Kolkata
Date of Publication First published 1954

Second reprint 1993
Media Audio Book (mp3)
Duration 4 hours & 16 minutes

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