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Janbar Katha V by Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya

Janbar Katha Book V is recorded and ready for visually challenged students and young friends. This is an extremely interesting and informative book, edited by Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya (19 November, 1918 – 8 May, 1993). This ten book series contains discussion on history, science, politics, art and philosophy. Though it has been enriched with the erudition of Shri Chattopadhyaya, the style is plain and simple for the young readers.

Book IV discussed how primitive man began cultivating and how modern man has employed various methods of cultivation. It discussed the features of molecules and atoms and their role in forming organic and inorganic compounds, extraction of iron from iron ore, production of steel, cement, paper, glass and plastics.

Janbar Katha V has discussed industrial revolution with priority on production of paper and development of printing technology. Although modern printing is far ahead of what it was in 1954 when this book was written, readers would still enjoy learning how this book and its contemporaries came into existence. A major part of the discussion has been devoted to use of energy, how it has been manipulated to generate speed in transport, in the form of ship, train and airplane. It also shows how modern science has falsified althus’s ominous apprehension that population would outgrow food production.

The book was first published by national book agency in 1954. We have recorded it from its third reprint in 1994. The book is about 3 hours and 5 minutes long. Keep checking our audio catalogue for release of the remaining books of this series.

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