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Shrutikalpa, the Online Bengali Audio Magazine in CD

Online Bengali audio magazine, Shrutikalpa, has completed its first year. We have decided to bring out a collection in cd of all four issues released during this year. Although all these issues are available on line on our official Shrutikalpa magazine and on Shrutikalpa channel on YouTube, this compilation will help those who cannot go online. Moreover, blind readers do not have easy access to these channels. We must make some alternative arrangement for their offline listening.

We would request you to share any content you appreciate on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. This will help us reach out to greater number of listeners. We would also request you to subscribe to our Shrutikalpa Channel on YouTube. You will receive automatic updates from YouTube when we upload a new content.

We would like to thank all writers whose contributions have made our initiative a success. When we first made an announcement, we proposed to publish this audio magazine every six months. As things got going on 1 Baishak – 1424, , we found sufficient number of entries to switch over to quarterly issues. Blind Persons’ Association, the parent organisation, brought out a print magazine, Falakshirsha which stopped a few years back owing to several reasons. A major problem of the print magazine was shortage of contents. Fortunately, Shrutikalpa has much better luck. So far we have not wanted in content. Most magazines suffer from dearth of stories. In this case also we are lucky. We have been vale to include at least four stories in all of the first four issues. Let us hope this trend continues and we can keep this audio magazine alive.

Audio magazine, though not unique, is a new feature. This form will become more and more popular with internet surfing growing rapidly. The biggest advantage of online audio magazine is its low cost. We do not have to depend on finance from other sources. We depended heavily on advertisements for publishing our print magazine Falakshirsha. Shrutikalpa costs us little and we can make it publicly available at no extra cost. Of course, we did not hire any studio for recording for economy. Sound quality in some cases may not have been as we wanted.

This audio magazine has given us the scope for exchanging our ideas in various literary genres. Anyone, member or not, sightless or sighted, may join us. If you write anything, poem, story, essay or travelogue, please send it to us. Just remember, your articles must be original, and must be in Bengali. You may record the piece in your own voice. Otherwise we shall record it for you once it is selected by the editorial panel.

As regards listing of the contents of this collection, you will find everything that appeared in the first four issues. Items are organised in four separate directories for four issues – Shrutikalpa 1-1, Shrutikalpa 1-2, Shrutikalpa 1-3 and Shrutikalpa 1-4.

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